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2023 Wedding Trends

From smaller gatherings to over-the-top color, two wedding planners reflect on some growing trends they expect to see more of in 2023.

Many Thanks to:

Emily Taylor,, Instagram @emilytaylorweddings

Ellen Thomas,, Instagram @ellenthomaseventdesign

Intimate Celebrations

“Seated dinners became the way of the wedding world during Covid, and they aren’t going anywhere! Clients are taking their time with their receptions, making sure they savor the night, the environment, and making sure their guests are well taken care of. Along with that, smaller guest counts will continue to reign in 2023. Keeping events intimate is a priority. Guest counts also highly influence your wedding budget. Clients are choosing smaller celebrations to combat inflation.”

— Emily Taylor. Taylor said that before the pandemic, almost all of her clients were hosting 350-450 guests at their events, and none were seated dinners. Now, she says guest counts tend to max out around 225 people and about half of her clients are choosing seated dinners over cocktail-style service.

Personalized Tents

“Most of our clients are opting for tented receptions for a fully customized venue built from the ground up. Your options to personalize your celebration are endless from here.”

— Emily Taylor

Elaborate Wedding Cakes

“Wedding cakes have always been a traditional aspect of wedding receptions, but they are becoming more and more elaborate each year. In 2023, you will find wedding cakes a lot larger with more intricate detail. We are thrilled this new trend is thriving since we love making the wedding cake a focal point at events!”

— Ellen Thomas

Modern Flare

“A new trend is going against traditional Southern wedding design and really stepping out of the box to make a statement. Allie Robbins and Johan Backstrom’s wedding definitely made a statement by going against traditional wedding color palette and décor. The inspiration behind the design of this event was traditional with touches of modern and colorful florals. All the bright color feels! The bride wanted the event to feel like a funky garden party, and it definitely did. This vision was brought to life by using Lucite high-top tables with vibrant floral arrangements displayed inside, velvet green chairs, linen lounge furniture, floral textured linens and a hanging floral chandelier with bright florals surrounding the space. This event was one of our favorites of 2022 to design because of its originality and memorable components. It truly was such a bright and happy day!”

— Ellen Thomas

Vibrant Luncheons

“Bridal luncheons, just like weddings, are getting bigger and better! Brides are sticking to the traditional sit-down luncheon but adding a vibrant feel with linens, china, flatware and florals. Bride Caroline Wofford’s luncheon was so much fun to plan at City Grocery in April 2022, and we are definitely going to see more of these unique bridal luncheons in 2023!”

— Ellen Thomas

Seasonal Hues

“The days of white, blush and green are ending. More texture, more color, and leaning into the seasons is in! With this also comes how your bridesmaids are styled! Mismatched florals for spring. Varying shades of moody tones for fall. Whites and creams for winter.”

— Emily Taylor

Minimal Florals

“Petite bouquets and a lack of personal flowers are “in” for floral design. We’re seeing more emphasis in brides wanting to show off their dresses and fun accessories and keeping their bouquets smaller for them and their maids! And don’t forget about the guys — fun pocket squares and ties are replacing boutonnieres.”

— Emily Taylor

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