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Chicken Nuggets

Serve up these homemade chicken nuggest at a Super Bowl party or any other gathering of friends and family this winter. Visit for more original, crowd-pleasing recipes.

From the Kitchen of Sarah McCullen

3 pounds chicken breast, diced into 1- to 1½-inch cubes

1 cup dill pickle juice

3 cups panko

1 tablespoon Tony’s seasoning

2 eggs

Marinate diced chicken in pickle juice for 30 minutes. While chicken is marinating, mix panko breadcrumbs and Tony’s seasoning in a small, shallow bowl. Whisk eggs in a separate bowl. Working in batches of 8-10 nuggets, coat chicken in eggs, then dip in panko mixture, tossing to coat. Place chicken in a single layer in the basket of an air fryer sprayed with nonstick spray, and air fry for 20 minutes at 390°F. Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauces

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