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Highly ranked football players are flocking to Ole Miss thanks to efforts by Coach Lane Kiffin and the Rebels football staff. Meet the 17 players who make up one of college football’s top-ranked transfer portal classes.

01: Jaxson Dart #2 (University of Southern California), quarterback

02: Zach Evans #6 (Texas Christian University), running back

03: Michael Trigg #0 (University of Southern California), tight end

04: J.J. Pegues #89 (Auburn), tight end

05: Ladarius Tennison #13 (Auburn), safety

06: Jared Ivey #15 (Georgia Tech), defensive end

07: Troy Brown #8 (Central Michigan), linebacker

08: Mason Brooks #75 (Western Kentucky University), tight end

09: Jaylon Robinson #9 (University of Central Florida), wide receiver

10: Isheem Young #1 (Iowa State), safety

11: Malik Heath #8 (Mississippi State University), wide receiver

12: Jordan Watkins #11 (Louisville), wide receiver

13: Khari Coleman #23 (Texas Christian University), linebacker

14: Ulysses Bentley #24 (Southern Methodist University), running back

15: Jacobi Moore #83 (Mississippi State University), wide receiver

16: Danny Lockhart II #56 (University of Southern California), linebacker

17: Dashaun Jerkins #19 (Vanderbilt), safety

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