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Interviewed by Leslie Criss | Photographed by Joe Worthem

There is no shortage of things to be purchased this time of year: from Christmas gifts to put under the tree, to food and drink that will be prepared for family events, to the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve. Indeed, holiday shopping season is well underway. Jack Reed Jr., chairman of Reed’s department store, shares his thoughts on why it’s important to shop local.

“A college senior has an important job interview coming up with a local bank and is in need of finding a suit for the interview. His choices are Amazon or shop local. If he goes to Amazon to purchase a suit: Will it be a current style? Will it fit? Who will alter it? Is it a fair price?

Or … he could walk into a local men’s store. He would be met by a real professional, experienced, friendly worker who listens, and has successfully outfitted many young men who have gone on to be hired by the same local bank. This worker will match his budget to the best suit for that price, make sure it fits properly and is altered in plenty of time, and all done in 30 minutes. Now he will go into his interview with confidence and self-assurance.

You can apply this scenario to a hundred different occasions. Like choosing an appropriate wedding gift, getting advice on a good book for a friend’s birthday, or a woman finding an outfit for an important event. Having local places that provide confidence, pride and joy to our hometown are invaluable. These are reasons to shop local.”

After practicing law in his hometown of Tupelo for several years, Jack Reed Jr. joined the family business in 1980. In addition to being a successful businessman, he has always personally invested in his community in multiple ways, including serving as mayor of Tupelo from 2009 to 2013. He is past chairman of the Mississippi Economic Council and the Community Development Foundation. He and his wife Lisa are parents of two and grandparents of five. They are members of First United Methodist Church in Tupelo

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