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Let’s Hear it for the Pets

Congratulations to Titan and Olenna, winners of Invitation Magazines’ cover contests! Titan is on the cover of this month’s Oxford magazine, and Olenna is featured on the cover of the northeast Mississippi magazine. Congratulations to our furry friends and thank you to all of the people and pets who participated in this month’s cover contest! We received nearly 1,000 total submissions.

MEET TITAN (Invitation Oxford Winner)

Age: 2

Breed: Boxer mix

Humans: Jade Terry and Michael Terry

Best Trick: He can crawl!

Favorite pastime: Constantly begging for attention. He’s a lovebug.

Favorite napping spot: Curled up right next to someone.

More about Titan: Titan is a rescue; he was adopted as a tiny 4 or 5 week-old puppy, saved from going to a shelter where he likely would have been put down.

About his humans: Michael Terry has been away at Army basic training since July 31, and Jade can tell Titan really misses him. “Titan sits at the door waiting for him,” she said. “He is definitely the favorite.”

Meet the Invitation Oxford Semifinalists

Dollie Mae

“My 3yr old mini dachshund and IVDD stage 5 survivor.”

owner Merideth Danielle Vaughn


“3 year old Siamese. I was once a feral cat and mom trapped me. I’m sort of shaped like a football now and I live up to my name, I’m a lover!”

owner Shannon White


“Shar Pei mix rescued from the streets in 2012. He loves his toys and takes them to bed with him every night!”

owner Libby Lytle

MEET OLENNA (Invitation Magazine Winner)

Age: 3

Breed: Rottweiler-Husky mix

Humans: Emily Munn and Krista Griffin

Best Trick: high-five

Favorite pastime: swimming in the lake

Favorite napping spot: upside down on the couch

More about Olenna: “Olenna is a headstrong pup that marches to the beat of her own drum. Her father was a rambling man that met my friend’s dog, and that’s how she came into my life. I got her at 6 weeks old, and she’s been my buddy ever since. She loves stomping, dancing and cold weather.”

About her humans: Olenna comes from a split house of Rebel and Bulldog fans. Her humans love football and the Rebels and Dogs, just so long as they’re not playing each other. That might require Olenna and her brother Lou (an Ole Miss pup) to sit separately.

Meet the Invitation Magazine Semifinalists


“Belle the Himalayan.”

owner Caitlin Stanfield Maroon

Miss Meg

“Breed unknown, single female.”

owner Andi Nolan


“English bulldog.”

owner Michelle Nichols Knight

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