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Savoring Thyme

Dress up your grilled cheese with savory herbs and sweet honey.

Recipes by Sarah Godwin  |  Photographed by Joe Worthem

Made with sourdough bread and fresh herbs, this sandwich is a welcome departure from a classic grilled cheese. Try it for a weekend brunch or even a weeknight meal.

Herb Grilled Cheese with Thyme Honey

½ cup honey

3½ teaspoons chopped fresh thyme, divided

1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary

1 teaspoon chopped fresh basil

1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley

½ teaspoon chopped fresh dill

1 to 1½ cups shredded fontina cheese

1 to 1½ cups shredded asiago cheese

1-2 tablespoons salted butter

8 slices sourdough bread

In a small bowl, combine honey and 3 teaspoons thyme. Set thyme honey aside. In a separate large bowl, combine rosemary, basil, parsley, dill and remaining ½ teaspoon thyme. Add shredded fontina and asiago to herbs, and toss together.

Over medium heat, melt butter in a large skillet. Add 4 bread slices to skillet, and cook, undisturbed, 30 seconds; flip slices over. Top each piece of bread with cheese-herb mixture, and top each with another bread slice. Cook 2-3 minutes, reducing heat to low if the skillet begins to smoke. Flip sandwiches over, and cook 2-3 minutes, gently pressing sandwich into skillet. Flip sandwiches, and cook 1-2 minutes; flip again, and cook until cheese is thoroughly melted, 1-2 minutes. Remove sandwiches from skillet; drizzle with thyme honey, and serve.

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