The Catfish Cocktail

Cheers! Check out this summery craft cocktail from this week’s celebrity food blogger, chef Cole Ellis from Delta Meat Market and Bar Fontaine at the Cotton House Hotel Cleveland, Mississippi.

Recipe by Cole Ellis

Photograph provided by the Cotton House

2 ounces vodka

Fresh basil 2 dashes Meyer lemon vinegar 6 ounces San Pellegrino lemon soda, or make your own Basil Lemon Soda (see recipe below) Sparkling wine In a shaker, mix vodka, a basil leaf and vinegar. Muddle together. Add soda, stir and pour over ice into a 12-ounce Collins glass. Top off with sparkling wine.

Basil Lemon Soda

¼ pound fresh basil 1 cup sugar 3 cups water Juice and zest of 9 lemons

Pinch of salt Bring all ingredients to a boil. Remove from heat, and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain. Add contents to soda canister, and charge.

Cole Ellis, a Culinary Institute of Charleston graduate, returned to his hometown of Cleveland in 2013 to open Delta Meat Market, a butcher shop and boutique grocery for fine Southern foods, now a full-service restaurant located in the Cotton House Hotel. In 2019, Ellis opened Bar Fontaine, an upscale, European-style bar serving small plates, house-made pastas and craft cocktails like “The Catfish,” featured here.

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