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When giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts of course. One way to show how much thought you’ve put into a gift is to make the wrapping on the outside just as special as the gift within.

Swirlz in Tupelo offers monogramming and carries stationary and gifts for all occasions, including Tupelo mural products. Shoppers can drop off items bought there or elsewhere, and have them wrapped with their own signature paper, or choose from an assortment in the shop. Swirlz owner Shelly Daniel says a beautiful wrap job can make even a dollar-store gift look like a million bucks.

“If you go to a ‘dirty Santa,’ or an ornament swap, the first one that gets picked is the one that looks beautiful,” Daniel said. “No one wants the sack. A beautiful box with a bow makes any gift better.”

This year a nutcracker-themed paper is one of the featured holiday gift wrap choices at Swirlz. And just as important as the paper are the ribbons and bows.

“I guess the secret to what we do that stands out with our wrapping is doing big bows with all colors, making it big and funky — making it extravagant,” Daniel said. “We make it look like the ideal gift.”

Discount Building Supply in Oxford has an entire room filled with hundreds of types of ribbon, sold by the spool or by the yard. The ribbon room is open all year round, but offers several holiday-themed choices. The shop makes bows for any occasion, from Ole Miss bows during football season, to tree-topper and wreath bows for the holidays.

If you prefer to purchase your own paper and ribbon and wrap it yourself, Daniel has these tips to help you create a bow like a pro.


  • Structure ribbon - 1½ inches wide to add body and fullness

  • Statement ribbon - 2-3 inches wide

  • Delicate ribbon that’s thin and frilly

  • Pompom, ornament or other unique decorative piece


  • Attach structure ribbon to a wrapped package, and set aside.

  • Cut another long piece of structure ribbon. This is the most important step in creating fullness and body for the bow. Create two big loops, then pinch in the middle and twist 180° to secure the loops.

  • Wrap delicate ribbon around the center of the loops, and secure the bow with a double knot.

  • Next, layer multiple strands of delicate ribbon together, folding them over to create one to two loops. Use a smaller piece of delicate ribbon to tie a double knot around the center.


  • To do this, start with the structure ribbon piece on the bottom; then add a 6-inch piece of statement ribbon. Add more structure ribbon, if desired; then add delicate ribbon and decorative piece on top.


  • Trim frayed or jagged edges with a traditional diagonal cut or the more professional dovetail cut. To neaten ends of wired ribbon, simply fold down the edges.

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