Gnome for the Holidays: Make Your Own

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Inspired by Greenville’s “Gnome-fairies” last December, Angela Maloney and Deb

Pittman created tiny Christmas scenes with their kids and placed them around the Oxford Square. When we spotted the charming miniature tableaux tucked into doorsteps and corners, we couldn’t wait to share them in this magazine’s feature story, “Gnome for the Holidays.”

But we couldn’t stop there — it seemed like such fun that we decided to make some ourselves and spread the holiday cheer throughout north Mississippi. So we gathered supplies and invited Maloney and Pittman over to show us how. Look for the Invitation Magazines gnome holiday scenes in Corinth, Tupelo, Pontotoc, Bruce and Oxford. When you spot them, snap a photo and share on social media with the hashtag #invitationholiday.

It’s fun and easy to make your own, with or without kids. Plan ahead and get supplies in springtime when craft, hobby and dollar stores are stocked with garden supplies. Some stores carry “gnome home” kits. Spray snow and other seasonal items are available around the holidays.

You can build your tableaux at home on a tile or other sturdy base and place them later, but Maloney and Pittman insist that being outside is part of the fun. Don’t forget to go back and collect them after the holidays are over. Maloney and Pittman bag items from each scene to re-use the next season.


  • Spray snow (or spray adhesive and styrofoam “snow” if using a base)

  • Gnomes, little village buildings and accessories, Christmas trees, mini garland, wreaths, stars, bows, ornaments and gifts

  • For a more permanent scene, use tiles from a building supply store as a base and glue down items with hot glue or other adhesive.


STEP 1: Fix a toddy. “It’ll help you get through kids squabbling over which gnome they want,” Pittman said.

STEP 2: Choose items and decorate a tiny tree with garland, ornaments, etc.

STEP 3: Proceed to the build site. Always ask the shop owner’s permission before you build. “But everyone always says ‘yes,’” Maloney said. “Who wouldn’t want a gnome home?”

STEP 4: Spray snow on your outdoor build site.

STEP 5: Next, arrange buildings, trees, gifts and gnomes on the snow (or glue items to your base).

STEP 6: Finish with more snow.

STEP 7: Take photos and share on social media with the hashtag #invitationholiday.

Read more about how this idea started at

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