Holy Week Perspective

Written by Rachel West

My grandparents both lived through the Great Depression and World War II. I remember their stories. They were hard to hear at times. They told them with a matter-of-factness, included a lesson and moved on to the next topic of conversation, like what we were having for supper or planning to do over the weekend. They didn’t dwell upon those memories for long.

I wish now that I knew more details about the hard times they experienced. But I don’t. Because they didn’t live that time forever. They moved on — with the lessons they learned in their minds forever.

This week began with warnings from national leaders that “things are going to get hard.” Numbers show sickness spreading and deaths mounting. These are not easy messages to hear.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to remember that, like my grandparents who endured all those years ago, we will move on.

This week — Holy Week — I have chosen to count my blessings. I have lights, I have the internet, I have food to eat. I have a lush oasis of spring blooming around me. I am home, with my family. I give thanks for all that has come before me and all that is to come.

Peace be with you during this Holy Week. May we always remember — even in darkness, there is light and life.

Happy Easter.


Oxford, Mississippi | United States

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